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can an organization's choice of event type and Keynote Speakers impact the environment?  Yes it can!


concerns around climate change are global.  Pledging a commitment to be a part of a solution to reduce impact on the environment is a hot topic, in-fact it's a formality for many leading organizations who are doing their part to demonstrate they are tuned-in and taking responsibility.   Sustainability is rapidly becoming a major influencing factor in general decision making, so how can changing the way events are conducted play a role?


awareness of the carbon footprint created by traditional meetings, conventions and events has firmly filtered through into the events industry, with ‘sustainable events’ quickly making the shift from the new option to the preferred option.   Organizations failing to make the switch to a sustainable events format whenever possible may well find that they look out of touch.  Contributing factors to the carbon footprint of an event include travel (approx. 73%), food/beverage (approx. 12%), accommodations (approx. 11%), venue (approx. 3%) and waste (approx. 1%). 


as travel contributes greatly to an event’s overall carbon footprint organizations can instantly make a huge reduction on their impact on the environment by opting for online/digital events whenever possible.  The reliability and stability of interactive video platforms means high quality digital events deliver a comparable impact on audiences versus traditional live events.

responding to the high demand for more sustainable events 500Speakers has created a team of 500 highly vetted, wonderfully diverse, experienced speakers who are ready to deliver their keynotes and content to audiences around the world - via interactive two-way video - at up to 70% less than their in-person rates.  Whatever specific topic or speaker is required, the right expert can be found in our Speaker team, and hired to speak to an audience anywhere in the world with minimal environmental impact and at a fraction of the usual cost - helping businesses and planners not only meet their sustainability targets, but their event success and budget goals too! 


science tells us in order to stop climate change the maximum amount of carbon dioxide generated by a single person in a year should be 0.6 tonnes (that's just over half a tonne!).  A roundtrip flight from Florida to New York for just one person produces over half a tonne of carbon dioxide.  Let's relate this example purely to Speakers making the short flight to an event.  Multiply the Florida to New York roundtrip flight by 500 to represent each of our 500Speakers and this amounts to more than 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide that can be avoided if each of our Speakers does just one keynote digitally each year.

Imagine the reduction of the carbon footprint of events worldwide if more Speakers were booked to speak to audiences via digital keynote delivery!

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