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arguably smaller businesses need access to the best Speakers and Thought Leaders to help their growth way more than big businesses do. 

large organizations get access to the best experts and content because they have large budgets and can run events for their employees.

the fact is small businesses generally don't run events large enough to warrant bringing Speakers in and they don't have the budget to hire the best Speakers to present to their staff at their own office.  However, the need for cutting-edge content and motivation is huge!


with 500Speakers, the best rated, most authentic Speakers and Thought Leaders are now accessible and affordable to small businesses on a global level via digital keynote delivery.  For traditional in-person keynotes, the Speakers in our team range from $5k-$60K per keynote.  However, every Speaker in our team is available to deliver keynotes to small business audiences around the world for up to 70% less than their in-person keynote rate.    

we work with smaller businesses to broadcast speakers into their meetings no matter how small the audience.  Your next board, management, sales, staff, kickoff or end-of-week meeting can now include a top motivational Speaker or Thought Leader that your business can afford.  Email our team now to ask about options!





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