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our Speakers love talking directly with the clients and planners who are enquiring to book them for in-person, traditional keynotes.  As a result we connect clients directly to our Speakers so they can have a conversation - we cut-out the 'middle man'.  500Speakers does not take a piece of the pie (commission free for Speakers) for in-person keynote bookings so all of our Speakers are open to reasonable negotiation on their in-person keynote rates.  There's always a little wiggle room!


all our Speakers are ready to broadcast to audiences large or small anywhere in the world at much lower rates than their usual in-person rate.  All digital enquiries are handled by our events team.  We connect with clients and planners on the behalf of our Speakers to ensure the 'set-up' (including technology) is available at the client's venue.  Our goal is to make sure everyone gets the best digital experience whenever one of our Speakers delivers digitally.   


clients and planners can contact our events team to help them find the perfect Speaker for their needs, however, most clients use our online platform by simply clicking on the 'Search all our Speakers' button.  Too easy!

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